I believe in a uniform.
Knowing someone has chosen to incorporate my clothing into their daily uniform is proof of great design and that I’ve done my job well.
Rituals are important.
Getting dressed is one of them.
My clothes are meant to be worn every day, not just for “special occasions."
Life is a special occasion, it’s important to feel good about yourself every day. I’m glad to be a part of the morning ritual.
Good design should be timeless.
The greatest satisfaction in my work is creating clothes that move people.
Good design, fit, and shape empower people to be more confident, better versions of themselves.
Good design should have a life span longer than one season.
Design is my DNA.
My appreciation for good design traces to my early days as a high school kid sitting at his sewing machine dreaming of what I could create.
I get excited by fabrics and the back-and-forth dialogue I have working with them. I’m a visual thinker and need to use my hands to express my ideas.
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