My appreciation for good design traces to my early days as a high school kid sitting at his sewing machine dreaming of what he could create. I get excited by fabrics, new techniques and collaborations that together inspire me to move people with my designs. I’ve been fortunate or crazy to work in the apparel industry all my life. 
A Toronto native, I now live in Los Angeles. I’ve been a mens and womenswear designer for over twenty years. I’m the creative principal and co-founder of Engle Roberts since 2017 and founder of the Ryan Roberts label before that.
As a creative lead and business owner, I’ve got hands-on expertise in collection development, design, merchandising, and production. I’m technically proficient in tailoring and construction, with an emphasis on fit. 
My focus is to be part of "something bigger", contributing my talents to an organization and culture in which I believe. To that end, I am highly organized, motivated and bring an innate entrepreneurial mindset.

I’ve great passion for design and sustainability.

I believe best practices ring truer now than ever. 

I think great design should have a life span longer than one season.

I take pride in referring to myself as a "clothing designer” rather than a fashion designer. It’s a nuance, but I enjoy creating clothes that make a customer feel best about themselves.
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